Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First time boarding

We went out of town for the weekend and left Megan at the same place she went to daycare, Ruffin' It (http://www.ruffinitresort.com). It was probably more traumatic for me than it was for her. I missed her so much and worried about her. They have cameras in their play areas, but every time I managed to look at one, she wasn't on it. Also, when I left her the kennel seemed awful small, a thunderstorm was brewing and she pawed at the gate to get out. Anyway, we decided to just leave her in daycare yesterday (which was good since we really didn't get back on time to pick her up Sunday night) and then I could see her on the camera. Amazingly enough, she looked happy!

I especially enjoyed this scenario - keeper hands out treats, Megan gets hers, keeper attempts to reach over Megan to give treat to another dog, Megan first tries sitting nicely - then tries shaking - then tries sitting pretty, she doesn't get extra treats for her efforts but does get a nice pat. It's good to see that she'll do tricks for someone besides me. Maybe it's anything for a treat! Well, she's back now and we spent last night in the basement due to tornado warnings. She got a good report card. I do think it's good for her to be exposed to new situations, new people and other dogs. It's just hard on me to leave her!

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