Monday, November 29, 2010

Megan Jones and the Mystery of the Disappearing Greenies

Okay, for the second time I found a bag of emptied cat greenies in the "dog side" of the basement. The dog and cat sides are separated by a 41" high gate with a 7" door for the cat. The gate is securely fastened -- won't budge with repeated pushings by me. There is no way Megan can push her porky, furry 65 pound body through that cat door. Could she possibly be jumping the gate? I would be sincerely amazed if that were the case. Shelby could fit through the cat door but she is terrified of the stairs. So...after trying to find any way I could to blame began for the theft of the Greenies the only conclusion I could come to is that it was a cooperative effort. Dulcinea dragged the bag into that side of the basement and Megan finished them off. Also, the cat food itself was removed from its rightful place and dragged halfway across the room with the remaining food left intact. This hardly seems like the work of Megan who would have torn the bag to shreds after making sure there wasn't a crumb of food left in it. The next step is to secure the food and Greenies in some sort of container and see what happens. The adventures of having pets!

On another note, Shelby went to the vet this morning and her demodex and ear infection are gone. This is the first time she has ever been medicine free! She has an appointment for spaying on December 20th, which also happens to be her eight month birthday. I snapped a photo of her and Dulci sharing a chair which is on Picasa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hurricane Shelby damage so far

* 2 upholstered chairs
* 1 upholstered ottoman
* 1 extension cord
* 1 laptop cord
* 2 nightgowns
* 1 backpack
* 1 playstation controller
* 1 playstation AV cord
* countless boxes, bags, newspapers and magazines
* The leather sofa is not a total loss, but she's starting on it
* Also, she's discovered the wood baseboards. YUM!

The vet asked Pam if she had any toys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Can't walk through the living room without tripping over them.

I am hoping that she will grow out of this before too long. We aren't even going to try putting up the Christmas tree this year. We are trying to put anything she might consider edible (who knows?) in the office and close the door. She sleeps in our bed at night so she won't get into trouble. She hasn't learned to eliminate on walks at all. She also doesn't seem to know that peeing is for outside. She can pee on the floor right after she comes in from outside.

In spite of all this, I love her. She's so cute! She goes to the vet on Monday to be tested for demodex one last time and hopefully get scheduled for spaying.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shelby's Vet Vist

Pam took Shelby to the vet today and came back with good news. Demodex scrapings were negative! She goes back in 2 weeks for a recheck. If it is still negative we can go ahead with spaying. I'm kind of nervous since she will be about 8 mos then. Don't want to deal with heat. She weighs 16 lbs. Her ears are a little gunky but she is otherwise healthy. She is into chewing up furniture now and seems to have regressed in housetraining while we were on vacation. I've heard a lot of beagle baying from her recently -- all while playing.