Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hurricane Shelby damage so far

* 2 upholstered chairs
* 1 upholstered ottoman
* 1 extension cord
* 1 laptop cord
* 2 nightgowns
* 1 backpack
* 1 playstation controller
* 1 playstation AV cord
* countless boxes, bags, newspapers and magazines
* The leather sofa is not a total loss, but she's starting on it
* Also, she's discovered the wood baseboards. YUM!

The vet asked Pam if she had any toys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Can't walk through the living room without tripping over them.

I am hoping that she will grow out of this before too long. We aren't even going to try putting up the Christmas tree this year. We are trying to put anything she might consider edible (who knows?) in the office and close the door. She sleeps in our bed at night so she won't get into trouble. She hasn't learned to eliminate on walks at all. She also doesn't seem to know that peeing is for outside. She can pee on the floor right after she comes in from outside.

In spite of all this, I love her. She's so cute! She goes to the vet on Monday to be tested for demodex one last time and hopefully get scheduled for spaying.

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