Monday, September 27, 2010

Megan and Shelby

Megan and Shelby are getting along much better. A couple of days ago, Megan
began inviting Shelby to play. It's really kind of comical to watch them
"wrestling". Megan weighs about 55 pounds and Shelby weighs 8. Wrestling
consists of Shelby attacking Megan's head while Megan retaliates with her nose
and front paws. There is much rolling around and striking the play stance by
both parties. Shelby is starting to be able to tell when Megan has had enough.
It is so cute to watch Shelby approach in a super-submissive position. When
Megan is done she gives a warning growl which sounds much different than her
play growls.

The other day, Pam took Megan out for a walk by herself. Pam said Megan just
kept looking behind her and after she had done her business she wanted to come
straight home. She looked for Shelby as soon as she got in the door.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Life with Shelby, Day 2

Things are already getting better. We confined Shelby to the guestroom last
night (yes, we did unsuccessfully try this Wednesday night as well) and she did
not cry AT ALL!! I am figuring out the proper amount to feed her (was feeding
her WAY too little) so I think that may have had something to do with her
crying. Megan is still snapping and growling but, really, Shelby needs to learn
the concept of personal space. She will practically put her tiny little nose IN
Megan's mouth. And she's kind of a little pest. I mean, if a toddler were in my
face all the time I might lose my temper as well! The cat - who is slightly
larger than Shelby - hisses and the pup backs off right away. Maybe she has some
experience with claws!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life with puppy Shelby

Maybe I'm just cranky from lack of sleep, but I'm not so sure this puppy thing
was a great idea!

1) She is not crate trained. If I put her in her crate she makes the most awful noises.
2) Research I did said demodectic mange wasn't contagious. Someone I respect says it is. I hope Megan doesn't get it.
3) Poor Megan is NOT happy. She alternates between acting depressed and put upon
and growling and lunging at Shelby. She hasn't made physical contact, though.
4) Three oral medicines and shampoo twice a week is a lot of work
5) I've cleaned up a lot of messes already


1) She's awfully cute
2) She loves everybody, including surly Megan and the cat
3) She walks really well on a leash
4) She's fearless
5) She's not at all a finicky eater
6) She seems to somewhat understand pottying outside most of the time

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And puppy makes five

Things I know about the pup so far:

1) We will be picking her up tonight between 5:30 - 6:30
2) She is not named yet, so we get to name her
3) As evidenced by the previous number, it is a girl
4) She has a skin infection which means
    a) She won't be ready for adoption for 2-3 weeks
    b) She, in the words of the shelter manager, looks like crap
    c) We get to treat her for the infection

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah, Megan is smart

Y'all must get tired of hearing me brag. A couple weeks ago it took Pam an evening to teach Megan a new trick - catch. If say catch and throw a treat in the air she will snatch it. Her accuracy is amazing.

Today Pam asked me if Megan could shake with both paws as she always offers her right. So I decided to teach her the difference - shake right, shake left. And I'll be d***ed if she hasn't just about learned it. Such a smart girl!

Another thing Pam has taken to doing is just to say "Do a trick." You can just see Megan mulling it over decided which trick to do. And it's not always the same one.

In other news, the rescue from which we got Megan sent out a desperate plea to foster a pup. The pups are 12 week old springer/border collie/beagle mixes. I sent a message back saying we'd be willing to foster one. I'm still waiting to hear back.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Megan goes to the dog park

On Saturday we took Megan to a REAL dog park for the first time. She had been to the small city park near our house that allows off-leash dogs from 5-7:30AM. We only encountered another dog once. This time we went to a designated county dog park. It is bigger and used by lots of dog owners all the time. I am really proud of how well she did. We met lots of dogs of different sizes and temperaments. She had an "argument" with a young GSD bitch who was bothering her while she pooped, but otherwise she was fine. The real joy as when she discovered the lake. They have piers with ramps so dogs can either jump off the pier or walked down the ramp into the water. Of course, Megan had to find her own way - preferring to go down the bank next to the pier. She swam for the first time. She has waded in the past, but never swam. Then she raced around and rolled around in the mulch. Lovely. Luckily we had thought to bring along a blanket for the back seat. We need to take her out to places like that more often. She was so happy and she slept really well that night.