Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Megan goes to the dog park

On Saturday we took Megan to a REAL dog park for the first time. She had been to the small city park near our house that allows off-leash dogs from 5-7:30AM. We only encountered another dog once. This time we went to a designated county dog park. It is bigger and used by lots of dog owners all the time. I am really proud of how well she did. We met lots of dogs of different sizes and temperaments. She had an "argument" with a young GSD bitch who was bothering her while she pooped, but otherwise she was fine. The real joy as when she discovered the lake. They have piers with ramps so dogs can either jump off the pier or walked down the ramp into the water. Of course, Megan had to find her own way - preferring to go down the bank next to the pier. She swam for the first time. She has waded in the past, but never swam. Then she raced around and rolled around in the mulch. Lovely. Luckily we had thought to bring along a blanket for the back seat. We need to take her out to places like that more often. She was so happy and she slept really well that night.

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