Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah, Megan is smart

Y'all must get tired of hearing me brag. A couple weeks ago it took Pam an evening to teach Megan a new trick - catch. If say catch and throw a treat in the air she will snatch it. Her accuracy is amazing.

Today Pam asked me if Megan could shake with both paws as she always offers her right. So I decided to teach her the difference - shake right, shake left. And I'll be d***ed if she hasn't just about learned it. Such a smart girl!

Another thing Pam has taken to doing is just to say "Do a trick." You can just see Megan mulling it over decided which trick to do. And it's not always the same one.

In other news, the rescue from which we got Megan sent out a desperate plea to foster a pup. The pups are 12 week old springer/border collie/beagle mixes. I sent a message back saying we'd be willing to foster one. I'm still waiting to hear back.

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