Thursday, August 26, 2010


We took Megan on a beach vacation on the Lake Michigan shore. She loved it. Her favorite sequence of events
  1. Wade into the lake while drinking
  2. Roll around in the sand
  3. Go far under the deck for a nap
  4. Go into the cabin and jump on our bed
We had so much sand in our sheets, it was unbelievable!

I have discovered a solution to Megan's early-morning whining. For now. I just say, "Come, Megan" and she jumps into bed with me. I have to cuddle her just like a person, rub her tummy, scratch her head and ears. She seems deliriously happy. After about 20 minutes she'll jump down and settle quietly into her spot beside the bed. Go figure. She's not spoiled or anything.

I was going to enroll Megan in a herding skills assessment but we missed the deadline, so we won't be doing that. We will be participating in "Dog Jog" on September 19th. It is a fundraiser the University of Wisconsin vet school holds to benefit homeless animals. You can find more information here

On Sunday Pam and I went to the Dane County Humane Society to look at a brick that we bought in honor of Sparky, our cocker spaniel that we lost last September. It was an emotional moment. I wanted to go in and look for another dog to keep Megan company, but Pam didn't seem interested. You can see a picture of the brick here.