Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exciting few hours

Came home last night to find Shelby had chewed through my laptop cord. Again. Guess I was pretty stupid to leave it out after she chewed through it the first time. I thought I had the cord tucked away so she couldn't get at it. I WAS WRONG.

We were packing lunches this morning and left some items sitting out on the stove while we were taking a hot tub on our all-weather porch (right next to the kitchen). When we came back in the house Megan came to the door right away but Shelby didn't and I thought she was being awfully quiet. Hmmm...I went into the living room and found her chewing on a plastic bag. It used to be on the stove filled with peanuts and raisins. I also found an empty packet of mini-cookies and a string cheese wrapper. While Shelby partook in the feast, she was most definitely not able to get things off the stove. Megan was her partner in crime!

Wait, that's not all! This morning we took the dogs for the walk. Megan is usually very calm but as we walked by our neighbor's house she was waiting in the driveway for us to pass with her very aggressive lab mix, Sophie. Sophie was her usual self - barking and lunging - so Megan decided this must be the way to behave. She pulled so energetically that she slipped her collar. Luckily, after that she was a good girl and sat when asked until we could put her collar back on. That's rather more excitement than we bargained for at 6:00 in the morning. Megan is probably getting a harness too although she doesn't need an Easy Walk like constant puller Shelby.

I was kind of annoyed at both the dogs this morning, but I guess they are still worth it!