Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life with puppy Shelby

Maybe I'm just cranky from lack of sleep, but I'm not so sure this puppy thing
was a great idea!

1) She is not crate trained. If I put her in her crate she makes the most awful noises.
2) Research I did said demodectic mange wasn't contagious. Someone I respect says it is. I hope Megan doesn't get it.
3) Poor Megan is NOT happy. She alternates between acting depressed and put upon
and growling and lunging at Shelby. She hasn't made physical contact, though.
4) Three oral medicines and shampoo twice a week is a lot of work
5) I've cleaned up a lot of messes already


1) She's awfully cute
2) She loves everybody, including surly Megan and the cat
3) She walks really well on a leash
4) She's fearless
5) She's not at all a finicky eater
6) She seems to somewhat understand pottying outside most of the time

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