Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too fat?

Last Sunday I got a weight on Megan. I have my doubts about its accuracy. It involved me weighing myself (that's a topic for another support group!) and then picking up Megan and having Pam read what the scale said. If the weight was accurate she weighs 65 pounds, which means she has gained 10 pounds since January!!! I hope this is wrong. We do give her lots of dog treats (we have discovered that she doesn't really tolerate large quantities of human food so we've cut way back on that). We have cut back on the amount of food we give her and are breaking the large milk bones in half. When the time comes to buy more, we'll buy a weight loss formula and smaller biscuits. Also, she won't be fed her dinner on obedience school days because she gets a zillion treats in class. I have discovered she likes red peppers, grapes, strawberries, apples and bananas which gives us some healthy treat options. I'll keep testing to see what else she might like.

In other news, we did a VERY short trip in the car -- from the driveway to the garage -- and she didn't froth. I keep talking to her in an happy voice and pet her and praised her a couple times. The above paragraph might tell you why I'm reluctant to take her for rides to get treats. Tonight we go to our second obedience class so I'll see how she handles that


  1. Er...please stop giving Megan grapes. They can be highly toxic, and nobody has figured out why.

    As far as weight goes, from what I've heard, ES tend to be really easy keepers. I keep training treats as tiny as possible and only buy the smallest size biscuits.

  2. Thanks, Jean. I have heard from many people about the grapes. No more graps from Megan. I'm backing way off on the treats too.

  3. You gave me an idea....when I take Kobe to agility class, he gets LOTS of treats there too. I think I'll put his dinner kibble for that night in a baggie, and use that for treats. He'd probably be just as happy with that as anything.

    I actually forgot treats this week and he was NOT very happy that he wasn't getting a treat for his good work. Luckily, the instructor gave us some. Oops!

    By the way, how cool that Megan's daycare has a webcam!