Friday, June 4, 2010

More training

We are making a little bit of progress with the car rides. She doesn't froth the moment we get in the car, but she does drool excessively as the ride goes on. Yesterday we went to obedience class and this morning we went to the park.

Speaking of obedience class, I can't believe how quickly Megan learns. I think it's a combination of both of us understanding how to learn or teach something new. I can tell she really want to do what I tell her. She looks at me with those brown eyes thinking, "What is it you want exactly?" We went over the basics again in class but after two or three repetitions of doing something she already knows I switched to something else. She has learned roll over and is very close to learning shake consistently. I am so proud of her! The one hitch we had in class was with the introduction of the agility tunnel. I would like her to do agility someday so I was a little dismayed when she balked at it. She did go through though. I have also thought she would be really good at freestyle. Of course, I am jumping ahead. Let's get the basics down first!

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