Friday, July 2, 2010

Megan the rockstar

Yep, that's what she got called in obedience class yesterday! We were working on stay when the instruction said the next step was to turn our backs and walk a few steps away from our dogs. She said our dogs would get up and follow us except maybe Megan because she's a rockstar. And guess what? She stayed still as a stone! She also passed the distraction test with flying colors. I am so proud of her. It may seem like a small thing but I think it's great.

She's not perfect, though. It's getting harder and harder to get her in the car. Now she is backing away when I try to get her in. Used to be that she'd jump in willingly enough if a led her with a leash. Now I have to throw treats in and even then it's something of a chore. Other than the drooling she is okay once she is in the car.

In other news, we are talking about getting a second dog. We really miss having a small spaniel-type dog (like Sparky) and we think Megan would appreciate the company as well.

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