Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Megan at the park

Megan had her first trip to the park on Sunday. We didn't do an off-leash park this time, just a state park that allows leashed dogs on the trails. Obviously, we need to work on applying obedience training to real-life distraction-filled situations. Nothing awful happened and she wasn't exactly bad, but she wasn't exactly good either. A good sign of progress - and one that she has been displaying for about a week now - is her willingness to simply jump in the car without a leash. She knows the difference between "Let's go for a ride" and "Let's go for a walk" so I make sure to tell her what we're doing. When I tell her we're going for a ride, she shakes her head and starts to drool a little but she waits for me to open the car door and jumps right in. Anyway, when the car door was opened in the park parking area she bolted out the door. Granted, I didn't tell her to wait. I've gotten spoiled because she hasn't needed that command in so long. She seemed a little freaked out by being in such a different place. She wouldn't come when called, but she didn't run away either. She sat where she was when I told her to and allowed me to put the leash on her. So we're walking along the trail enjoying the scenery when suddenly she pounces. We look over to see she has a small rodent - vole or mouse - in her mouth. No amount of saying "leave it" - a command she was really good at in obedience class - would get her to drop that mouse. She ate the whole thing. Ewww. I know she's a dog and is made to hunt things but...GROSS! When I tugged on her leash, her collar came off. She wasn't interested in running away, so that's good. I need to see if I can get the collar a little tighter.  Anyway, that's our adventure! I'm glad we did it. I am having knee surgery tomorrow morning so I won't be able to go for walks for a few weeks.

You can see pictures of our outing here

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