Sunday, March 20, 2011

More trouble with Megan

I am getting pretty concerned about Megan. I’m not sure what to do.  We had two little girls over today – they came with Pam’s sister. We started out things slowly – with Meg on a leash. When she seemed calm, I let her off the leash. She was still calm. She approached Laura (Pam’s sister) and each of the girls calmly with a wagging tail. She accepted petting without any problem. Then out of nowhere she jumped up and nipped one of the girls on the cheek.  It was very strange. There was not growling or barking or baring of teeth. It was just a quick nip and then she got down right away. When we reprimanded her she ran straight to the door to go outside. Shelby was kind of jumping on her at the time and competing for the girls’ attention. Right now we’re thinking the only thing to do is not allow Megan around small children. This makes us kind of sad as it really limits what we can do with her. Is there hope for training her to be more accepting of children?

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