Monday, March 14, 2011

Megan and the big party

Didn't go so well, actually. Luckily it was a nice enough day that she could stay out in the backyard. The party was a selling party for food products so with the amount of samples sitting around the house, it was in our plan to have the dogs outside most of the time. We did let them in for short visits, however. Shelby did fairly well. It was clear she was a little spooked, however. Especially when she refused a treat and preferred - instead - to remain safely in her corner. Megan really surprised me as she became quite aggressive. Not to everyone, only to a couple of little girls who desperately wanted to play with her. She growled at them. When the girls repeatedly called Shelby and tried to pick her up, Megan snapped, growled viciously and lunged. I thought perhaps she was tired at being outside, so I brought her in. She seemed okay until one of the girls walked toward her and reached out to pet her. Then she did the lunging, snapping, FEROCIOUS growl again. She never bit anyone and she was calm with Pam and me and other adults. Megan is usually so easy going that this behavior shocked me. Luckily we don't have small children over much, but I hope I can do something about this behavior

The animals after the big party

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