Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good news for a change

Whaddya know? I am writing a post that is not full of woe. What a shock!

Shelby just finished her third obedience class. I was under the assumption that Shelby was a rather stupid dog. Not so! She catching on very quickly. He major problem is focus. If I can just get her to pay attention, she’ll do what I say. On Tuesday we worked on recall – a BIG problem for Shelby – and she did very well. She was also the star in the class for the obstacle. Every week we finish class with an obstacle of some sort. This time it was a long, narrow stair that the dogs were supposed to walk across lengthwise. She did it immediately and repeatedly. Good girl!

This next story is secondhand – from Pam – but it is great to hear. We walked over to Whole Foods last night with both the dogs. While I went inside, Pam sat at a picnic table with the dogs. She said that a little girl approached and wanted to pet Shelby. Well, that’s no problem. Shelby loves everybody. Then she asked to pet Megan. Understandably, Pam was a little nervous about this. However, Megan approached the girl and allowed herself to be petted. Pam said she could tell when Megan was getting agitated and told the little girl that was enough. Perhaps these sort of outings with the possibility of a chance encounter is good for Megan.  With the nicer weather, we’ll have more opportunity.

Shelby waiting for class to start

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