Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Megan!

Megan unwrapped a bra yesterday. We had a mail-order bra sitting on the coffee table. We hadn't taken the time to get it out of the plastic and off the hanger. When we got home yesterday the bra was neatly laid out in front of the television and the hanger and plastic bag were nearby. She didn't harm the bra or hanger at all. She just...unwrapped things. I guess it was something for her to do!

Pam took Megan for a walk home from the grocery store yesterday. Apparently, she wasn't real fond of the busy urban environment. We think it's good for her to be exposed to it though. Sparky was really good at sticking close by so we could take off his leash when we were within a couple of houses of home and he would just go straight to the back door. Well, Pam was still in the habit so she took Megan's leash off in the driveway. She said the moment she took it off she realized it maybe wasn't such a good idea. However, when she said, "Megan, come in the house!" she went right to the door. So I guess this demonstrates two things: 1)She listens to Pam at least a little and 2) She doesn't bolt the moment she is off-leash without a fence. We don't want to test it too much just yet, however.

This morning I was holding the cat in my lap while sitting on my chair in the living room. Megan's bed is right next to my chair. The cat didn't run away immediately. Megan gave the cat a little lick. Dulci didn't really enjoy this -- she hissed! Maybe they are closer to being friends, though.

Still can't get her to play with toys. She has learned to stay pretty well in the kitchen at least. We'll work on "sit,stay" with distractions next. We are trying to teach her to shake. She does have the natural tendency to raise her paw.We'd like to work with this, but we're never prepared with treats when she does it and she hasn't done it during a training session yet. I get the distinct impression (see opening paragraph) that she is getting bored so we're trying to do things to stimulate her.

She goes for her first vet visit tomorrow. Once that is over and she is certified as being vaccinated along with getting her license (still waiting for that to come in the mail!) perhaps we'll look into having her go to doggy day care a couple times a week.

Sparky was a sweet dog but he was never this smart and he was pretty content to be a couch potato. Megan comes with her own set of challenges. Not that we don't enjoy them!

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  1. She is beautiful, and you are going to have your hands full!

    I've never owned a border collie, but had a lab/BC cross (Brook). Lots of running is the key, I think.