Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adventures with Megan

We got Megan on Sunday. So far she has learned to lie in her bed and walk on a leash. And I swear we have practically taught her to sit in one session. She's not consistent yet, but we can tell she's starting to get the idea.

Not everything is sunshine and roses though. This morning she got out the front door when I was putting out the mail. The front yard is not fenced and she was off like shot. Let me tell you, that dog is FAST!! So Pam and I threw on our clothes and went out looking for her in the subzero morning. I saw her at the far end of our street,across the major dividing road. I walked toward her and called her but she wouldn't come to me. Instead, she shot off in the other direction and was soon out of sight. We had pretty much given up hope of getting her back. She doesn't have an ID tag yet (we've ordered one) and there was no way we could catch her and how would she even know where to come back even if she wanted to? We were convinced that she didn't really want to live here and had run away. I was sitting down to send an email to the shelter when I looked out the window and there she was waiting outside the front door! I just about fell off my chair. How did she know the right house already?! Oh my, this girl is smart. And I guess she really does want to be here because she came back. However, we really need to work on training her not to bolt and to come when she is called. We were pretty upset with her, but I guess she just doesn't understand living in the city yet.

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