Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home alone

We are leaving Megan home alone all day for the first time. I am a little nervous as to what we might find when we get home, but we've got to start sometime!

She has been a pretty good dog. We haven't given her the chance to get near the front door so there has been no more bolting. Her ID tag came in the mail yesterday so I feel a little better now that she's wearing that. She pretty much knows the sit command now and we are working on stay. I'm not sure she knows her name.

The big problem now is that it seems she will only listen to me. This is not good. She won't come to Pam. I'd really like her to respond to both of us. I suppose she has only been around a few days and I should give her more time.

She and the cat are at least acknowledging each other now. They are not on friendly terms now but the cat isn't hiding anymore, just hissing and growling if Megan comes near. I suppose that's progress.

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