Sunday, May 16, 2010

Megan 2, Obliging Relative 0

Well, we went on an all day outing today and asked my sister-in-law to let Megan out around noon. Megan has been to her house several time and knows her quite well. When we got home, we found the following (paraphrased) note:

"12:00 Megan would not stop barking or growling. She refused a treat and would not come outside when I called her. I will try again later...2:00 Megan didn't bark this time but refused to move from her chair"

What a stinker! She really needs to learn to listen to someone other than Pam or myself. The SIL added that she didn't feel threatened by Megan's vocalizations.

She is going to her first day of daycare on Tuesday and will start obedience school in a couple of weeks. Hopefully one or both the these things will help.

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  1. Generally, I don't expect Chandler to seriously listen to somebody who is not in "authority" over him. Has SIL ever formally worked with Megan? If she is possibly going to let Megan out at other times, I'd try to get SIL to help with Megan's obedience school practice, and maybe even take her for a walk or two.