Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Megan's (hopefully, one-time) bad thing

Last night I heard this weird sound at the foot of my bed. I got up to investigate and Megan was chewing on the bed leg! She has never done anything like that before. When I told her no she stopped immediately. This is certainly not a habit I want her to acquire! Also, one more funny story. We were watching TV in the living room on Saturday when I heard this ruckus coming from the pantry. I went in to see the treats I had bought for obedience class all over the floor and Megan with the lid in her mouth. They were stored in a sealed plastic tub in a closed pantry cupboard. She had opened both the cupboard and the container to get to them. They are now out of her reach. Obedience class starts Thursday so I'll find the proper use for those treats soon.

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