Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Megan, Shelby and the tale of the carrots

I probably find this more amusing than any of you will, but I had to share it. It is a perfect illustration of the difference between my dogs.

Me: Mmmm...carrots *gets bag of carrots  out of refrigerator*
Shelby: Carrots? Carrots? Oh goody! Carrots! *comes running*
Megan: She opened the refrigerator. Maybe something good will come out of there. *saunters into kitchen*
*I open bag of carrots*
Shelby: Carrots! Carrots! Can I have some please? Can I, can I? *places her paws on my leg and struggles to reach counter, which is hopelessly out of reach*
Megan: Oh, she's opening a plastic bag. Plastic bags usually contain food. I'll wait patiently to see what it is.
*I hand Shelby a carrot*
Shelby: OMG! A carrot! I can't believe I got a carrot! I'm too excited to eat it.  I'll bat it around for a while and then eat it! I just love carrots!
*I hand Megan a carrot*
Megan: What is this? Is it food? *sniffs disdainfully, then takes it delicately between her teeth* I suppose I'll eat it if you're not offering anything better. *skulks off with carrot to her bed, may or may not eat it*

And there you have it. Plays out pretty much the same way every time!

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