Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coincidence or smarts?

The other day Shelby was doing her sometimes-annoying play with me act. The one where she stands by my chair and barks in this ear-splitting way.  I usually tell her to bring me a toy and I will play with her.  This day I told her to get her fox (a Skineez fox).  She went over to an area that had the fox, a ball, a small Skineez beaver and a tiger-striped octopus (Yes, my house is basically a giant toy box for Shelby). She looked over the items carefully, then picked up the fox and brought it to me.  I have associated the word fox with this toy several times.  Still, I’m reluctant to believe it was anything but a chance occurrence.  But for one brief moment I thought Shelby was super smart!

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