Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Basic Obedience 2, Class 1

Shelby and Megan did their first session of Basic Obedience 2 Monday evening. They both did very well. I was very nervous about Megan considering her recent behavior on walks. Luckily there is only one other dog and class and Megan seemed to pretty much ignore him. Megan’s reaction to class was pretty funny. She finished Basic Obedience 1 about a year ago.   However, the moment she walked in the classroom it was obvious she remembered it. I could just see the lights go on. “Oh! This is where I get treats for paying attention and doing what you say.” She sat down and looked at me intensely. “Look. I am paying attention only to you. Treats?” Shelby is a little more scattered but still pretty good. Pam and I are switching handling duties from class to class. We were staying after class talking to the instructor when the pupils for the first session of Basic Obedience 1 started arriving. The difference in demeanor between those dogs and our dogs (even the someone squirrely Shelby) was pretty obvious. I guess they did learn something.

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