Monday, October 4, 2010

Lessons from Megan

Lesson 1: Our home is this way
  --- When we get within two lots of our house, if the coast is clear, I let Megan off the leash to run the rest of the way home. I've started doing this with Shelby as well. Megan won't go as fast as usual and often looks over her shoulder to make sure Shelby is coming.

Lesson 2: This is how you play with a toy
  --- I have two Skinneez toys, a fox and a penguin, that I bought for Megan a while ago. She tore the tail off the fox when I first got it and then ignored it. She never showed any interest in the penguin. Until a couple of days ago. She has taken to throwing the toy for Shelby to catch. Shelby will drag it behind her and then the dogs will each chew on an end.

Lesson 3: Good dogs don't chew on paper
  ---- Shelby, being a puppy, loves to chew on lots of things. Yesterday she found a travel guide that we got for our upcoming trip to the Outer Banks. She dragged it on the floor and started chewing on it.  Megan got this exasperated look on her face and pounced on the guide, dragging it away from Shelby. When Shelby tried to get it back, Megan pushed it further under herself and growled softly. She showed no interested in chewing on it herself.

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